Smok Tech Magneto Mechanical Stainless Steel

Production Description:
Magneto MOD, is Smoktech intelligent and innovative device, which is made of stainless steel and a spider on the end cap, looks very beautiful. Its output voltage is 3.7v to 4.2v, 510 threading,fit on 18650 or 18350 battery, compatibility with any 510 cartomizer such as 510 DCT, RSST, RDA, vivi nova, pro-tank, aro tank….Luxury e cigarette vaporizer device, create a healthy life to you.

More detail of Aro Tank Atomizer:

Brand Name: Smoktech
Product Code: SMK-M023
Model No.:  e-cigarette mod
Type: Full mechanical Mod
Length: 85mm
Diameter: 22mm
Threading: 510
Material: stainless steel
Output voltage: 3.7V to 4.2V
Battery Compatibility: 18350 and 18650 battery
Cartomizer Compatibility: 510 DCT, RSST, RDA, vivi nova, pro-tank, T3 etc.

  1. Detachable,can be fit on 18350 and 18650 battery(shop for 18650 vape battery chargers)
  2. Stainless, durable
  3. A spider on the end cap, looks luxury and beautiful
  4. Good design,high quality,low price

Product Reviews

  1. awesome mod for the price

    Posted by big_Q_numero_uno on 2nd Sep 2013

    Ordered this cause the nzonic was out of my price range and the reviews were good. Extremely glad I did! The magnet trigger is pretty much perfect and the rest of the mod is solid as it gets. A few slight modifications and this thing hits like a monster!

  2. I Love It !

    Posted by Jeff on 24th Aug 2013

    My first NICE mechanical. Upgraded from egoC. I love it more than my VV/VW VAMO. Looks fantastic and pumps out mo-daddy tons of vapor.

  3. Solid Mod

    Posted by Frank Taheri on 24th Aug 2013

    High quality material, easy to use, very solid.
    For Sunny Vaping : very professional and quick service
    Thank you guys

  4. great mod

    Posted by onofre lisud on 21st Aug 2013

    It has a few faults but overall nothing noticeable. The threads are perfect. The magnetic button is great. No misfires whatsoever. This mod works like a champ. The only dislike I have is the 510 connector is not adjustable. But it hardly matters I can fit almost all my 510 tanks anyways. So I give it a thumbs up and it has a spider on it lol. This works just as good as the 200 dollar mods. Im surprised its not worth that amount

  5. SUPERB !!!

    Posted by Edwin Jaques on 16th Aug 2013

    I must say, I will probably never use my sigelei zmax v3 ever again. I ADORE this mod. This is a PERFECT match to all of my RBAs giving it that flush look on ALL of them. Its STURDY as all get out, and even tho Ive dropped it a couple of times, no marring, no scratching, no nothing. It hits like a BEAST with either my 18650s or 18350s.

    Only problem, and the reason I only gave 4 stars, is because of the switch. This is for 2 reasons.

    1st : The magnet isnt strong enough to stand with one of my RBAs attached ( which are QUITE heavy – AGA-t2 and AGI 2 in 1 ) without firing the mod, which leads to my 2nd problem.

    2nd : The reverse threading on the switch gets stuck in the switch open position since I have to open and close it regularly since the magnet isnt strong enough to let it stand.

    Ive found that all I have to do is remove the switch, disassemble it ( which is a piece of cake btw ), separate the parts ( which requires 2 pairs of channel locks with the teeth covered in cotton balls so not to mar the surface ), spray with WD40 to keep the threads smooth and clean, then put it back together again. Although this is VERY easy to do, its still a hassle, and even though Ive had to do it a couple of times, this fix is only temporary and I eventually have to repeat the process.

    Just wanted to let everyone know of this foible on mine. It may only be mine in particular, as I havent found anyone else with this problem, and I have searched most of the forums I can find to see if anyone has a solution to this issue.

    This wont keep me from using it tho. I have to admit Im in LOVE with it.

  6. Great price:performance

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Aug 2013

    The price to performance ratio is top notch. Great product, low price. The switch is smooth, the look is beautiful, and at this price, its a steal.
    This is my first mech mod and the performance is so good, I fear it may spoil me for future mods! What Im saying is, I really cant see how a telescoping mod can improve any more. Adjustable top pin? Sure, you could improve that, but Im not scared at all to tinker with that myself. My buddy Todd showed me how 😉
    Just pick one up, you wont regret it

  7. Magneto magnifeco

    Posted by AP on 12th Aug 2013

    Shipping took 3 days only cause i live in the boonies…This mech is the best I have used and Here are three very appealing perks
    A. It telescopes..essy to use..can rotste battery types in a few twists
    B. Drip Friendly!!! The base doesnt have a basin however when hitting again it pushes the juice back into the atomizer using some basic physivs with its design
    C. Doesnt get warm and all compartments self sealed/contained a hue plus
    Lastly this product isnt too heavy or too light, not too shiny but not too dull, also has phenomenal craftmanship with detailed engravings i recommend to all…PS wont turn on in your pocket with the failsafe 9 oclock guard…why are you still reading you should be clicking buy!

  8. great Mod Even better Price

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Aug 2013

    This is a Great simple Mech mod! Easy to use true magnetic switch, Great price!! Hits like a freight train with a good battery!!!! Couldnt ask for anything more.

  9. cheap and effective

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Aug 2013

    No misfire so far and it hits pretty hard

  10. cheap and effective!

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Jul 2013

    It hasn’t miss fired, built pretty sturdy, hits hard, sleek design. Waiting for a top cap “only” on sale that has an adjustable pin